Why Steamroller?

Personalized pressure:
Whether you like deeper or lighter pressure, we can accommodate your needs.

 Integrative Approach:

Multiple modes are incorporated, including – Stretching, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Swedish

Open communication is encouraged:
Please let your therapist know how we can best serve you

Letting Go:
When we become aware of what is no longer serving us, we can heal

Body Awareness:
Circulation, blood flow, joint and fascia mobility lead to ~ reduced muscle tension ~increased movement ~overall increased relaxation and ~ a reduction of stress

Self Care:
In today’s busy culture, taking care of your mind and body will positively affect all aspects of your life.  Take time to schedule Yourself today!


About Daisy Ching

About Daisy Ching

Daisy’s passion has always been to help people, which has led her to complete a BA in Psychology, spend 26 months in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, and graduate from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy 1000 hour program in 2010.  While she specializes in Deep Tissue bodywork, she incorporates other modalities such as Swedish, Trigger Point, and stretching. 

She was nicknamed Steamroller by one of her clients, as she loves to use forearms and elbows, with a deep and consistent pressure, to release tension, reduce pain, and increase circulation. 

Other passions include experimenting in the kitchen, road trips with her boyfriend, laughing with friends and family, and walking her dog in the redwoods.

Steamroller Massage

285 N Janacek Rd Suite C Room 1

Brookfield, Wi 53045



Monday – 1pm – 6pm

Tuesday – 1pm – 6pm

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – 1pm – 6pm

Friday – 1pm – 6pm

Saturday –  10am – 5pm (every other)

Sunday – Closed